Future Farm Project

Goals and Objectives

The overarching goal of the Future Farm Project is to perpetuate the mission of the whole farm. To that end, the founding owners and current managers of SSCSA (Henning Sehmsdorf and Elizabeth Simpson) are working to transfer the farm to community ownership through trust agreements and leases intended to:
1. Make sure that the farm will continue to provide high quality, fresh food for the local community,
2. Guarantee that the farm continues to be managed using Biodynamic practices to ensure soil fertility, ecological health, and resource self-sufficiency,
3. Enable the next generation of farmers to work the land without having to own it, while providing opportunities to earn a decent living and economic security,
4. Help incubate innovative, creative projects to strengthen community-based enterprise and education.

Current projects

1. Strengthen the Lopez Island Farm Education (LIFE) program at the local school by contributing on-farm classes and providing farm produce and meat to the school cafeteria at reduced cost.
2. Develop week-long farm intensive courses for public school and Waldorf students K-12 to gain hands-on experience of complete work processes involved e.g. in plant propagation, animal husbandry, food processing, or forest management.
3. Create a Waldorf Kindergarten at the farm that maximizes opportunities for small children to experience whole life cycles in forest, garden, orchard and at pond sites, and in interaction with farm animals and wildlife.
4. Expand farm stay accomodations for adults to experience the therapeutic effects of live-giving foods, a clean, wholesome environment, sound life habits and natgural medicines.
5. Motivate the island community to take ownership of their food sources by investing in the Future Farm Project through donations, grants, or purchasing ownership shares.


The Future Farm Project is presently funded through continuing investments by the owners, through farm production and educational programs, through public research grants, WSU BIOAg grants, and through donations by the Heller Family Foundation on Lopez Island.

Donations to the Future Farm Project (or specific projects) are received through A.W.I.S.H. (A World Institute of Sustainable Humanity), a 501©3 organization under whose umbrella SSCSA is established as a non-profit organization.