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Biodynamics Reading Intensive

The scheduled three-month reading intensive on Rudolf Steiner's agriculture lectures and other seminal works on Biodynamics has been extended into May. Until further notice, we will continue our focus on bee stewardship through discussion of selected readings, watching dvds and observation of the bees busy with harvesting nectar and pollen.

Open to the public (no tuition). To register, call Henning at 468-3335.

S&S Homestead Farm, every Thursday, 5-7pm


Ecological Food Production Class, Farm Class for Lopez Island High School

S&S Homestead Farm, Mondays and Thursday, 9:50-10:45am


May Party

Celebrating the arrival of spring dancing around the May Pole

S&S Homestead Farm, May 1, 6pm

If interested, please call 468-3335


Huxley College of the Environment (WWU, Bellingham)

Farm tour and presentation: "Integrated animal and plant systems"

S&S Homestead Farm, May 8, 2-5pm

Farm tour and presentation: "Energy, water, and soil systems'

S&S Homestead Farm, May 9, 9-11am


Bee Workshop: The Biodynamic Perspective on Bee Colony Collapse

S&S Homestead Farm, May 16, 123-4:30pm

To view the workshop flyer, click here.

To register for the workshop, click here


Farmers' Market: Visit our stand for seasonal vegetables, fruit, meat, cheese, flowers, seedlings and sheep fleeces 

Lopez Village, Saturdays, May 16-September 12, 10am-2pm

Inquire about Biodynamic gardening, farm tours and educational events.


Future Farm Council: Farm tour for Lopez Island School Faculty and Administration

S&S Homestead Farm, Tuesday, May 19, 2-3:30pm


Lopez Community Farm Whole-Diet CSA: Choice of seasonal vegetables, fruit, meat, bread, eggs, cheese, flowers, seedl.ings, and sheep fleeces

Season opens, Thursday, May 21

Pick-up: Every Thursday, 5-6pm

To join the CSA, click here