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A Blending of Home, Farm and Community

We work together to grow healthy food so we can eat and have the strength to do the work; the food we grow is shared by the animals we care for who become food, too, and who enrich the soil with their wastes. And the food is shared with the community through the schools, neighbors, church and CSA. There is no separation here between home, food, family, community.                                                   — Henning Sehmsdorf and Elizabeth Simpson


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
Become a member of our farm through Lopez Community Farm CSA. Each week, you’ll get a box of freshly picked, local, organic, seasonal and sustainable (FLOSS) produce. By participating in our CSA, residents of Lopez Island support local agriculture, receive fresher, healthier food, and build a stronger, connected community.

Field Days
These project-specific events are offered to other growers and the general public to share information on experiments or infrastructure innovations and developments.

Farm Tours
Formal farm tours are held throughout the year to introduce young and old alike to the life and work on a biodynamic farm.

Lopez Community Land Trust
The Lopez Community Land Trust (LCLT) contributes to a sustainable island community through affordable housing, land stewardship, and sustainable energy and agriculture.