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Experience Life on the Farm

When you visit S&S Homestead Farm you might find Henning Sehmsdorf tending to the farm’s sheep, cows, pigs, and chickens that produce the manure that fertilizes the gardens. Elizabeth Simpson may be teaching local high school students enrolled in the Farm, Food & Sustainability class, showing local teens how to raise the crops that feed the people and animals who live here.

As you walk across the farm’s fields, you’ll see cows and sheep grazing on high protein grass. The animals might be in a different field tomorrow – a technique that eliminates parasites. Following nature’s model, the farm’s fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs and flowers are interplanted so that pollinators come and pests stay away.

The farm has enough trees to mill and use for building projects. Rainwater is collected off rooftops, channeled to a pond for storage, and then re-circulated when needed, using solar energy. Excess meat and produce are preserved for later use, or are sold through the Farm’s CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

There is so much to learn on this biodynamic farm. To experience the farm for yourself, we invite you to take a tour of the farm, stay for a weekend, sign up for an internship, or enroll in a workshop here.