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SSCSA Mission and Scope

The mission of S&S Center for Sustainable Agriculture & Homestead Farm (SSCSA) is to produce fresh, local, seasonal, biodynamically and sustainably grown food while providing education in ecological farming and sustainable living for the community (Farm Brochure, 2004).

The 50-acre farm is managed as a closed organism that is open to the cosmos, practicing the principles of self-sufficiency, self-organization and self-correction. It is also presently self-capitalizing since its resource needs are met from within the organism. As a biodynamic farm, SSCSA minimizes purchased inputs by maximizing solar energies harvested through plants and animals. Supplying soil fertility and animal feeds are important farm goals. Biodiversity is prioritized to accomplish soil, plant, animal and human health.

SSCSA currently includes five enterprises:

S&S Homestead Farm (established 1970) produces beef, dairy, pork, lamb, eggs, fruit, vegetables, animal feed and fertilizers, to supply the needs of the farm household and for sale;

S&S Center for Sustainable Agriculture (established 1994) offers educational programs, public school classes in ecological food production, workshops in biodynamics, farm tours for college classes and other groups, and lectures;

Lopez Community Farm CSA (established 2006) produces vegetables on a subscription basis for sale to the community;

S&S Woodworks (established 2007) provides the farm with the ability to mill its own lumber for building projects, thereby reducing the need for off-farm resources, and participates in on-farm educational projects relating to ecosystems services, forest management, lumber and wood processing, and cabinet making skills, and;

Whole Health Programs (established 2009) offers farm retreats to teach fundamental principles of healthful living involving life-giving foods, a clean, wholesome environment, sound life habits and natural medicines.