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Intensive Hands-On Cob Oven Workshop


Thursday, July 26th (10:00 AM) – Monday, July 30th (3:00 PM), 2012



In collaboration with Donna Hasbrouck, Stone Mason

 Owner of Authentic Stone and Brickwork, Lopez Island

We will build a wood-fired baking oven using traditional cob made from sand, clay, straw, and manure and using a blend of old world designs and methods. Your instructor, Donna Hasbrouck, is an experienced mason who builds baking ovens from stone, brick or cob. The masonry oven base for the oven we will build is already constructed.

Day One will involve learning about oven design, mixing material, and making the oven form. Days Two to Five we will build the oven, mix more material and remove the form. The building process will be hands-on, labor intensive, muddy and fun. Participants will leave with the knowledge needed to build a commercial size cob oven.

Farm-Grown Food

Biodynamic farms are all about food that is life-giving, nutritionally whole and pure. Delicious and healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners, including pizza, will be prepared communally in our barn kitchen and mobile cob oven from meats, grains, vegetables, and dairy products grown biodynamically on the farm.


We offer accomodations in campsites with access to composting toilet and running water, two shared bunkhouses (byo bedding), and a studio apartment for two with private bathroom and Pullman kitchen (we provide the bedding).


The total cost of the five-day workshop, including food, tent space, instruction and materials is $245 per person. A bed in a bunkhouse is available at $40 per person, and rental of the studio apartment at $150.


Day One (Thursday) will begin at 10am to allow for travel to the island, and no breakfast will be served. Day Two-Five (Friday-Monday), breakfast will be prepared and served at 7:30am, work will begin at 8:30am and end at 5pm. However, on the last day (Monday), the workshop will end at 3pm to allow for return travel.


Enrollment is limited to six participants.

Early registration is advised to reserve a space.


For registration, contact: Henning Sehmsdorf

[email protected]