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Past Workshops at S&S Homestead Farm

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Real Food on the Farm Workshop

This workshop is intended to expand the meaning of the words “eating well” and to learn ways to enhance our lives with real food. Many of the foods we raise and grow are traditional foods, eaten for centuries by our ancestors. They are tried and true, thus earning the title “real.” We know these foods are healthy; not because scientists tell us so, but because humanity has healthfully survived on them for generations. They are not a fad diet. They are not pre-packaged. They are real, as they have always been.

Real food brings us back to the farm, to the local community, and to slowing down enough to recognize and enjoy the richness of quality. It means raw milk from cows eating their original diet. It means eating fruits and vegetables grown in rich soil that has not been chemically treated. Real food encompasses the relationship between farmer and consumer. It means sitting down to a meal, with friends and family, eating food prepared with love. In this modern day, real food means an awareness of where our food is grown, by whom, and how. How are our human values manifested in our eating habits? What are the things we would like to see change?

Workshop topics covered Real Food and Health by Roy Ozanne, MD, HMD, Holistic Physician; Real Nutrition by Lynn Parr, RN, Nutritional Consultant; Preserving Food Vitality through Lacto-Fermentation by Elizabeth Simpson, Co-Director, S&S Center for Sustainable Agriculture; and Growing Vital Food on the Farm and in the Garden by Henning Sehmsdorf, Co-Director, S&S Center for Sustainable Agriculture, followed by an On-Farm Food Celebration of seasonal foods grown entirely on S&S Homestead Farm.