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S&S Center for Sustainable Agriculture

The S&S Center for Sustainable Agriculture is a non-profit organization dedicated to growing vital food, promoting sustainable livelihoods, restoring healthy farmland and educating student farmers to be effective stewards and members of the earth. The Center offers educational opportunities and conducts research through S&S Homestead Farm, a demonstration farm for Washington State University.

S&S Homestead Farm

Educators and farmers Henning Sehmsdorf and Elizabeth Simpson manage their 50-acre S&S Homestead Farm on Lopez Island to be self-sufficient and ecologically responsible using biodynamic processes. The farm also serves as a classroom to teach biodynamic processes and sustainable farming. Learn more about the Farm or schedule a Farm Stay.

S&S Woodworks

S&S Woodworks provides the Farm with the ability to cut and mill its own wood for building projects, thereby reducing the need for accessing outside resources.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

CSA customers who pick up a box of home grown food from S&S Homestead Farm every week are committed to FLOSS, the Farm’s acronym for Fresh, Local, Organic, Seasonal and Sustainable. Customers not only receive the most nutritious and tastiest produce available, but they also help preserve local farming and the food security of the Lopez community. Learn more about the Farm’s CSA and the Farm’s offerings, which include dairy products, meat, eggs, biodynamic products, and sheepskins.

Whole Health Programs

Whole Health Programs, the educational and holistic health treatment programs of Dr. Roy Ozanne, M.D., H.M.D., have joined together with S&S Homestead Farm to provide a remedial course of action based on structured health retreats. Our health is only as secure as the foundations that support it. Learn more about how you can experience the fundamentals of a healthy life through Whole Health Programs at S&S Homestead Farm.

SSCSA Education and Research

Educational programs, research and conservation efforts take place on S&S Homestead Farm, taught by Farm owners and professors Henning Sehmsdorf, adjunct professor for Washington State University, and Elizabeth Simpson, who teaches a class on sustainable farming for local high school students. The Farm’s educational opportunities include farm stays, internships and apprenticeships for college students, workshops and demonstrations for the public, and various K-12 programs. Read more about the Center’s Education and Research programs.