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Whole Health Programs

A Natural Approach to Health

Modern culture has discarded the basic patterns of a healthy life resulting in widespread disease. Allopathic medicine attempts to patch us up but neglects to restore the basic foundations of being physically and mentally sound, so that our health remains tenuous at best. For real and sustainable well-being to last from generation to generation it must be built on fundamental principles of healthful living involving life-giving foods, a clean, wholesome environment, sound life habits and natural medicines.

Whole Health Programs, the educational and holistic health treatment programs of Dr. Roy Ozanne, M.D., H.M.D., have joined together with S&S Homestead Farm to provide a remedial course of action based on structured health retreats. Our health is only as secure as the foundations that support it. Come and experience the fundamentals of a healthy life at S&S Homestead Farm on Lopez Island, WA.


Spend a weekend on a biodynamic farm in the San Juan Islands (1-2 adults).  Stay in a serene room with period furniture in a newly refurbished, older home with large bath, kitchenette, and spacious deck overlooking our 50-acre biodynamic, self-sufficient and community-based farm on Lopez Island, Washington.

Explore vegetable gardens, greenhouses, orchards, beef and dairy pastures, barns, sheep, pig and chicken runs, composting sites, CSA fields, water-catchment pond and solar irrigation system, woodworking shop, processing kitchen and the straw bale house for interns and apprentices.

Choose your own level of involvement during your stay. Your fully contained guest room attached to the farm manager’s home allows you the option to prepare your own meals from S&S Homestead’s biodynamic farm foods or to experience local restaurant cuisine. You are welcome to join Henning and Elizabeth for dinner if desired.

Participate in optional activities such as farm chores and guided farm tours. Fresh, biodynamically grown food is available upon request.

Educational farm tours illustrate the health-supporting principles of biodynamic farming and the foundations for all good health.

Consultations regarding personal health with Dr. Roy Ozanne, and regarding biodynamic gardening and farming with Dr. Henning Sehmsdorf and Dr. Elizabeth Simpson available upon request.


Basic fee for 3-day (2-night) stay on the farm (1-2 persons) $150.

For prices of farm-produced foods and optional home-style meals, call Henning or Elizabeth at 360-468-3335.
For information regarding fees for health consultations with Dr. Roy Ozanne, call 360-321-0566
Farm tours and structured educational programs available upon request.