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Annual Farm Work Plan

The S&S Homestead Annual Workplan (2017) outlines work on the farm by month and by type of work. It is possible to view all the activities that are occurring on the farm during any given month (vertically) and to see all the work that is planned throughout the year in any given work area, including:

  • Vegetation (greenhouse, garden, CSA field, orchard, grain products, pastures, hay production and forest)
  • Animals (beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, chickens and pigs)
  • Fertility (animals, compost, compost tea, biodynamic preparations and biodynamic applications)
  • Food Processing (dairy processing, fermented, canned, dried, frozen and staples)
  • Infrastructure and Maintenance
  • Education (programs, conferences and publications)
  • Management (farm meetings, grant applications)